Stu’s 1st Blog

As Music is both a Science and an Art.

We shall leave the science of Rudiments to the tools of The musical art (for the moment)

As the riff Between science and the art were agreed upon with the rift of Galileo on Jan 1633. The church held the domain of the spirit and science was left to run on a short leash.

I will discuss the much older and purer form of Musical understanding dating back to the greatest of all Musicians the great Pythagorean.


Unity. The One. 1. The great spirit. Mirror of wonders. The still eternity. Permanence. Tonic. Resolution. See the universe in a grain of sand. We are all one.  Do not speak of the one for you separate yourself from the one. Any number multiplied or divided by 1 is 1. Both Alpha and Omega. The whole both yin and yang. Both beginning and end. The point. The seed.

Like light from the Sun or Gentle rain the one is unconditional in its love, yet its majesty and mystery remain veiled, and beyond apprehension,

 For the One can only be understood by itself.

One is simultaneously          Circle     |      Center     |     Purist tone

Stuart Steinhart

Feb 9 2021

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visit you tube for video of "Umbrella for two"  as my vision of the following theme from my cd Edification