About Us

MusIQ Live is a leading initiative by the founders of Adventus International. For over twenty
years Adventus has been bringing you award-winning blended-learning solutions that develop
music literacy and performance skills in a thoroughly enjoyable and efficient way, at any age.

We’ve learned a lot about how different people learn the language of music, what facilitates the
learning process, what increases focused attention, and what inspires people to become
musicians. We’ve learned how to help the learning process in tangible ways every day, so that
every time an aspiring musician decides to apply themselves, they know they’ll make forward
progress that day, and they’ll enjoy the process.

With recent changes in every community it’s been harder to sustain a quality music education.
MuzIQ Live helps aspiring musicians, parents and school administrators connect with excellent
instructors to bring all the ideal components of a quality music education together in one place,
accessible and affordable. Register today to bring the joy of music into your life!

MuzIQ.Live provides easy access to qualified instructors equipped with useful teaching tools,
along with fun, effective interactive learning tools for students to practice with every day.

With a click of your mouse you can join your private lesson room and review every aspect of
your progress with your experienced teacher as if you’re side by side.

Learn new concepts and skills at your lesson and continue your learning with the best available
interactive assistance between lessons.

Access to MuzIQ Live’s teachers and tools couldn’t be more convenient. They will keep you
focused on learning objectives that help you achieve the most.

Our goal is to ensure everything you need is within your reach. Soon you’ll be reading music,
performing solos and creating your own music!

Music is an art, and it’s fun to meet other artists! Navigate the limitless world of music by
interacting with real life composers and performers and other aspiring musicians on our daily
blog, in Composer’s corner and Performer’s profile pages.

Why learn the language of music?

Arguably the most important aspect of music is its aesthetic value, the joy of making, sharing,
experiencing music lifts our spirit and deepens life’s experiences. Music is a wonderful gift.

A quality music education increases one’s quality of life, and MuzIQ Live is committed to
bringing these advantages to more people in every community, starting at a young age, for the
greatest positive impact.

Thanks to several peer reviewed studies over the past thirty years, we know the process of
developing significant instrumental music skill accelerates cognitive development at any age, physically
growing the cerebral cortex, permanently enhancing the brain’s capacity to learn. As students develop instrumental
music skills, students benefit from improved listening skills and confidence, increased rates of learning
in math, science and reading, and a general increased interest in learning. Unlike uni-dimensional tools that claim to have
an impact, the Adventus software tools are comprehensive, and quickly engage students in the development of skills and
confidence. The interactive tools are MuzIQ Live’s special ingredient, try this for yourself!