Practice Routines

It is important to practice a bit everyday if you want to see results from your lessons. It is helpful to try and create a routine where you can do this approximately the same time everyday in a place where you can focus. You can first warm up with some rudiments/scales/arpeggios which could be played with and without a metronome. When using a metronome you can write down the tempo at which you can comfortably perform the rudiment/scale/arpeggio. Next day start at the same tempo or a tad slower and then take it up a notch or two. Always be sure you are not feeling any tension in your body but are relaxed and using proper technique when slightly increasing the tempo. Once you are warmed up practice the main parts of your previous lessons. If you find a particular section to be difficult, focus on that section until you can perform it comfortably. Once you are confident with this section(s), play the entire piece. If you are having difficulty with a section, repeat the process and focus on the more difficult section and then put it together again. If you are focusing on challenging material, it's not a bad idea to take a few minutes near the end of your practice routine and perform something that you enjoy. If you have other ideas regarding a practice routine that has been helpful to you please share them below. Cheers, and enjoy your musical journey!